Type of Visa

Tourist Visa

Visa Requirements:

  • The Passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of Travel (20 Years of Passport is not accepted for Turkey) & Passport should have at least 4 Continues Blank Sheets in Passport.
  • Tourist Visa Application form to be duly filled & signed by the applicant. (Blue or Black Ink in Bloletters
  • letters)
  • 3. Covering letter from the applicant stating his Name, Passport No, Designation, Family Details (Any Relatives who are travelling along with the principal Applicant) the purpose and duration of stay and the details of documents enclosed addressing to the Turkish Consulate General, Hyderabad. (If Applicant is Self-employed need covering letter on Letter Head) (Sample Covering Letter is enclosed).
  • 4. Three Photographs (White Background with 2.5 x 2.5 CM Size) (Ears must be visible & avoid white dress) (not to be used earlier for any visa & photograph must be the latest one only).
  • 5. Aadhar Card & Pan Card of individual applicant.
  • 6. Overseas Travel Medical Insurance valid for Turkey.
  • 7. Marriage Certificate (if Married), Birth Certificate of Children below 14 years, Death Certificate of a spouse is deceased & Ration Card if applicable.

If Applicant is Employed: 

  • NOC & Leave Letter from the Employer, with the HR Signature & Seal (Country & The purpose should be Mentioned Clearly)
  • Three Months Salary Slip
  • Employment Contract
  • Company Id Card
  • Visiting Card If any

Visa Enquiry