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(Kindly fill separate booking form for each family / each tour)

Interest-free non-refundable Booking Amount shall be as per the payment schedule mentioned.

Balance Payment: Within 20 days from the booking date or 30 days before the departure date whichever is earlier.

Kindly book I/we as per the details filled on this form. I/we are forwarding the sum of Rs._____________ per person as an interest-free non-refundable booking amount (listed above) to be paid immediately on booking which shall be forfeited in the event of cancellation of the tour by me/us being unable to travel, due to any reason whatsoever. In case, we fail to pay the booking amount, the booking amount shall be forfeited. Full payment in advance shall be applicable at the time of booking for all supplementary services listed.

In case, I / we are booking less than 20 days before the tour departure, I / we are enclosing the entire tour cost amounting to Rs._______________ INR / USD _____________ per tour participant in terms of contract.

Name of Tour               :  ______________________________________________

File Code                     :  ______________________________________________

Tour Code                    :  ______________________________________________

Departure Date                         :  ______________________________________________

Boarding at                  :  ______________________________________________

Balance Amount                       :  ______________________________________________

Total Cost of Tour                    :  ______________________________________________

Specify special offers (if any):  _____________________________________________

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Full Name

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Passport Details: 

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Supplementary Services

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SALES OFFICER                               


Date                      : ____________________          Branch Name : ____________________

Name of the Staff : ____________________          Booking Date : ____________________

Signature              : ____________________                                               


FRANCHISEE / GSA / PSA / TRAVEL AGENT DECLARATION                               


I am fully aware of the booking conditions, terms & conditions, how to book rules, cancellation policy, brochure, price grid/price column, itinerary, promotion booklet and web pages, a copy of each, which I have furnished to the client/s named above who have read the same and have authorized and instructed me/us to accept the same assuming full responsibility for and on their behalf.

Franchisee / Agency Name : ________________________________________________



CLIENT DECLARATION                               

On behalf of all the persons named above. I/we have read the booking conditions, how to book rules, cancellation policy, brochure, price grid/price column, itinerary, promotion booklet and web pages, a copy of each, which has been furnished to me/us. I/We being duly authorized by the above-said persons do hereby agree to and accept the same assuming full responsibility for self and others.

Name of Client (in Block Letters) : ____________________________________________________________


Client/s attention is drawn to the Booking Conditions and Terms & Conditions which incorporate the contract entered into by the company with the client/s.

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This booking form is exclusively subject to Dott Holidays Pvt Ltd.


Conditions of Passage:

These conditions apply to every client who books a tour or travel arrangements in the event of a client booking through us or of any other tour operator. The Terms & Conditions specified by such tour operators include their payment schedule; cancellation refund etc. shall be applicable in addition to our terms and conditions.

Accuracy and Adjustment to Tour Arrangements: 

To keep the tour costs as low as possible, tour arrangements are based on efficient use of transport and hotels hence these arrangements are planned. It is our Endeavour of us to ensure that what is promised is followed exactly and that the suppliers are efficient and reputable. However, since we do not have direct control over suppliers, we reserve the right to vary the tour arrangements as and when circumstances can change due to events beyond our control. Road works, changes of management in a property or restaurant, closure of the same or unavailability of hotel accommodation when booked for major events or overbooking by the hotel etc. In such case, alternative arrangements shall be made for the clients such as route change, and other alternative hotels in cities other than those mentioned. Air, rail, road and other departure times are supplied by the carriers. There is no guarantee that departures will take place at the time shown in our program or your ticket. We do not have any liability to you for any such delays which may arise. Further your dealings with carriers, some of which may limit or exclude liability. If the alternative arrangements are materially inferior to the arrangements for which the client has paid, we will refund the differential amount to the client on return of the tour. Similarly, if the alternative arrangements are superior to the arrangements for which the client has paid the company shall recover the differential amounts from the client.

Hotels and Meals:

Hotels to be provided on the tours would be those indicated on the tour itinerary or of a similar category. Some of the hotels would be centrally located, however in common with other tour operators. We have found that to provide the clients comparable hotels at a reasonable price. I

t is often necessary to use hotels away from city centres and in nearby cities. We also reserve the right to change the food and beverage arrangements on tours and at the time of service. The meals are preset and choice of menu is not available.

Health and Insurance:

It shall be the duty of the client to inform us of any medical condition that may affect his ability to enjoy and pursue fully the tour arrangements and in event that a medical condition has not been disclosed, we will not be liable to provide any assistance or money back. We also make it a condition that the client is adequately covered by a life, property and medical insurance policy. The tour cost does not include the insurance premium.


Clients travelling by air / train will be subject to the restrictions / limitations on baggage weight / size / number. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the client.

Eligibility: The tour is available to persons fulfilling the criterion set by relevant provisions of law relating to Foreign Exchange in India and RBI Rules.

Booking and Payment Terms:

Initial Deposit Amount               –          Rs. 2000 /- for Nepal & Domestic.

                                                            Rs. 10000 /- for Other Packages.

45 days before the tour                  _          50 % of the Tour Cost has to be paid.

30 days before the tour                   _          25 % of the Tour Cost has to be paid.                                            

7 days before the tour                     _          25 % of the Tour Cost has to be paid.        

It is your responsibility to check the programme given by us carefully and to let us know immediately in the event of any error.


No liability on the part of us arising in any way out of this contract in respect of any Tour, Holiday or Excursion facility shall, in any event, exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid by the client for the Tour, Holiday or Excursion facility and such liability shall in no case include any consequential loss, damage or additional expense whatsoever. We shall not be in any manner liable if the onward train goes late and by which you miss a flight/bus or the bus is late by which the connecting train is missed. In event of missing any of the above and if alternative arrangements are made, the pax have to pay for the same. The company shall not be liable in any manner liable to the client if the tour is required to be cancelled either in full or in part before or after its commencement due to force majeure or vis major. Force majeure shall include war, the threat of war, riot, civil disobedience or strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, acts of God, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, level of water, technical or maintenance problems with transport and changes of schedules or operational decisions of transport provider, closure of airports or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond the control of us or suppliers. Force majeure or vis major shall include situations in which it is apprehensive or threat that circumstances falling under force majeure or vis major may arise.

We shall not be in any manner liable if the client fails to join the tour or joins the tours or holiday late or after joining is unable to travel throughout and to follow the itinerary in part or full. This may be due to non-availability of essential travel documents such as passports, visas or clearances, immigration, medical clearness/certificates, medical insurance or due to any reason whatsoever including their loss due to theft, eviction by a hotel, airline or transport provider is detained by the authorities, or is not permitted to enter any country or to travel within the country and as a result, misses the tour or any part thereof. For the computation of the refund if any payable to such client and the client alone shall be responsible for the cost and consequences thereof.

In case we are required to pay any compensation or damages to any person including any employee of us or any client or to face any suit or case as a result of any action or failure to take action when required by a client, he/she shall be bound to compensate the company for such expenses. It shall be the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that no prohibited articles or things, are carried on his person or baggage and the client alone shall be responsible for the cost and consequences that follow in the event of the client carrying the same.

The tour schedules are subject to conditions, regulations, timetables, printed itineraries, books, bills and notices of the suppliers covered or whose airlines, steamers, railways, coaches and other means of transportation are used for the tour.

The client further agrees that we will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage of the file, limb or property of the client resulting from the Acts of God, the act or default of the management or employees of any tour operator hotel group, airline, shipping company, coach owner/operator who are our independent contractors, dangers incidental to a sea voyage, air voyage, road voyage including accidents or mishaps arising out of error or negligence on part of the crew, pilots, navigator, drivers, fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, Act of government authorities, wars, civil disturbances, riots, thefts, pilferage, quarantines or any other delays or changes of itinerary including any extra expenses which the holder may incur as a result of the foregoing causes. Clients are advised not to carry any valuable like jewellery, antiques, electronic equipment etc. on the tour. Clients carrying the same shall do so at their own risk.

We also resume the absolute right to cancel any tour or travel arrangements at any time without prior notice without assigning any reason. In such cases, the client shall not be enlisted to any compensation, damages, or interest on the deposit amount or tour cost paid by the client.


Cancellation includes cancellation by the client due to any reason whatsoever including because of illness, or detention of the client. The request for cancellation of tour arrangement by the client shall be entertained only if it is communicated in writing to us duly signed by the client. The computation of the period of notice of cancellation shall commence only from the time the written request for cancellation reaches us.

Cancellation charges are levied as follows for Nepal or Domestic Tours:

Less than 45 days before the departure of the tour                    -           Rs. 2,000 to be paid.

30 to 15 days before departure                                                 -           50% of tour cost.

14 to 07 days before departure                                                 -           75% of tour cost.

Less than 7 days before departure                                            -           100% of tour cost.

Cancellation charges are levied as follows for Far East Tours:

Less than 45 days before the departure of the tour                    -           Rs. 10,000

44 to 31 days before departure                                                 -           Rs. 20,000

30 to 15 days before departure                                                 -           Rs. 25,000

15 days before departure                                                          -           100% of tour cost.

For tours with cruise:        Clear 80 - 50 working days

(Depending on the cancellation policy of the particular cruise liner)

Before the date of the departure of the tour                               –          100%


Part-payment in Indian rupees the said refund shall be made only in Indian Rupees. They shall be no refund if the client fails to join or take the tour. There shall be no refund if the client does not or cannot utilize any services included in the tour like meals, rooms, entry tickets, excursions etc., nor can any refund be made for lost, mislaid or destroyed travel tickets vouchers.

Law & Jurisdiction:

The contract between us and the client and every matter arising from it shall be governed by and constructed by the Indian Laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts, forums and tribunals of Dott Holidays Pvt Ltd.

Tour cost to include: Please refer to the relevant tour package offer for the specifications.

Tour cost does not include:

Insurance premiums, personal expenses on items like laundry, drinks with meals or otherwise, soft drinks, bottled water, incidentals, porterage, bell boy charges, tips. Airport security charges if levied by the airports. Airport departure taxes and immigration charges. Transport between your home and airport/port/station. Payment for services provided on a personal basis. Meals other than those specified. Flight Domestic Airport Transfers/ domestic airfares unless otherwise specified. All such other items are not specifically mentioned as being included in the cost and also refer to the relevant tour packages offered for these specifications.


The visas are not submitted by us directly to the VHF or respective Consulates we use an authorized agent on behalf of you for submitting the visas and we do not hold any responsibility for the visas, as visas are the sole discretion of the respective Consulates and the minimum required for Visas is 15 working days for the Far East and 30 working days for Europe visas. It is also the responsibility of the pax to give us the required Photographs as per specification for the Visas.

Service Tax:

The customer shall pay the applicable Service Tax. It shall be the responsibility of the client to understand the service tax rules and pay the same and in case we have forgotten to collect the Service Tax from the client we shall have the right to recover and collect the same from the pax at a later date.

Other Terms:

There is no contract between us and the client until we have received the initial deposit mentioned. The full payment must be received by procedures laid down under underpayments terms as mentioned. If not paid in the time we reserve the complete right to cancel the booking with consequent loss of deposit and apply the cancellation charges as mentioned.

All payments made within 10 days before the tour departure date will have to be paid in cash and the PAN card copy will be required on payments amounting to Rs.20, 000 and above are made by cash.

The customer shall be liable to carry the required identity proof as applicable for the travel, and if the customer is stopped by immigration or any other authority, we shall not be responsible for the same.

Brochure Accuracy:

All information given in the brochure is based on the information available at the time of publication.

Itinerary & Price Changes:

Depending on the situation we might sometimes amend the itinerary including the flight, bus, and routing. Due to unavoidable situations and we will advise you on the same before the start of the tour or during the tour, in the event the client misses any part of the tour or such tour due to the delay on his/her part, he/she will not be entitled to claim a refund of the same. The prices quotes are calculated at the rates prevailing at the time of printing and the rates are subject to changes before the date of departure.

Conditions of Travel:

The client will have to strictly follow the tour program and return to India.

I, and on behalf of persons travelling with me a total of pax, accept the program and cost of package and

The terms and conditions as mentioned above.

Signature of the Pax: